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Saturday, 10 October 2015

DIY Custom made Ironing Board for my Studio !

So this DIY Custom made Ironing Board was our project today! insprired by many similar things on Pinterest.

  • Reusing items we had already if possible
  • Specific size  - 45cm wide  but not too long, and higher that normal as I'm quite tall
  • Easily movable
  • Maximising storage

We did have to buy wood for the top, casters, wadding and metalized ironing board cover BUT re-used :
  • An ikea unit that had been given to us and which we had modified.
  • Old shelving wood left over from out kitchen refurbishment
  • Fabric that I had already 
It was a joint project !
OH cut wood to shape, bolted on lockable casters and added wood panels on each side to increase height.

I came up with the design and then - using my SO SO useful staple gun - added wadding and ironing board cover to top and then finished it with a pretty cotton fabric. TOP TIP - if you are going to staple a cover on remember you don't want staples to catch fabric if you are in habit of ironing items over the end of your ironing board hence I covered the under side with some handstitched fabric ( not the WHOLE underside just the end piece ! )

Very pleased with the new addition to my studio! I think the total cost was about £40 for the new items.

I may paint it but it looks pretty good as it is so that may never happen!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A New Kitchen with actual NEW things for a change....albeit still a bit RETRO!

Now if you follow this blog you will by now know that I am very keen on a bit of vintage/recycling/upcyling. This applied to my so called 'temporary' kitchen 7- 8 yrs old. We  used Ikea Varde freestanding units because we'd had them before and they are ACE. Some from ebay, one as a sale/second and a couple new. We sourced a sink from ebay and reused all kinds of beech worksurfaces - all different height! and we reused exiting appliences .  It cost us about £1400 in total.
And jolly nice it was too! .... but my slightly dodgy back demanded a higher oven ( when it's bad I have had to kneel down to get stuff out of oven and lift up on to counter ! NOT GOOD!)  and I had a 25 yr savings plan to play with so....

We are working on a new kitchen !!!

This is the progress so far - I am awaiting granite ( whoop!) worktops and then my builder ( and good friend ) will be back to do lots of inventive carpentry finishing touches. We have no working sink in the kitchen yet and no hob BUT we do have a utility sink and a working dishwasher and new oven so not slumming it by any means . I STILL have more painting to do !

Upcycling is still a feature to some extent - one Ikea Varde unit remains in place and will get a blue paint job. Two other Varde units and some shelving has  moved to the shed to form a work table/area. Several other kitchen items have been popped onto ebay to continue to serve elsewhere :) Kitchen bits! 

I will name check all our suppliers when I post a final update when it is finished - but they have ALL been excellent so far.  I will also cover what inspired the colour choices ... hint: that car boot £1 vintage wallpaper that you can spot on right!

I have a deadline of the 25th Sept as I am hosting a Macmillan Coffee morning but I think we will make it....

Friday, 7 August 2015

A Stylish Swedish Holiday Home !

So we have recently returned from a super holiday in Sweden - we have a bunch of holiday photos to edit and recommendations of things to do but that will follow shortly....

We stayed in the beautiful ( and I suspect rather upmarket?) Nacka area, lovely houses set in heavily wooded settings with great gardens. Unlike here in the UK people seem to not put up fences/ walls etc so there was a shared view aspect to their gardens which was appealing and made the most of the great location. There was a supermarket a short drive away and bus stop nearby too ( walking distance) . However we travelled by ferry into Stockholm and out to the islands from the local ferry point a very short drive away.

Well what super holiday home we had !! - lots of Ikea ( naturally...) and lovely  colours! very stylish :). The grey and white scheme with coral touched was particularly beautiful in the first floor living area but all the rooms were beautifully styled. This was a family home and so I won't share pictures of bedrooms/ bathrooms but they were all to this standard, and very clean and tidy. Obviously I rather coveted the vintage sideboard ...

The co-ordinated theme extend to the garden with knowledgable planting relying on structural forms with a green/grey/purple pallette.There was a lovely large decking area to the rear where we had breakfast and a balcony across the front of the house.
This was perhaps the most stylish holiday home we have stayed in and we thank our hosts for a delightful stay ! You can check it out here Holiday Home in Nacka - we'd recommend it !

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

I've been making clothes from curtains again ....

So I've been hoarding this curtain fabric for a while now ... lush isn't it !

FINALLY I decided to get on an make something for an event at which I had a stall. It usually takes something like this with a deadline to make me get on with a project! I must say I was pretty pleased with how it turn out and I got lots of lovely comments.

The dress was adapted from a combination of a couple of pattern and the cape pattern was from Sew Vera Venus  found on a great resource called The Vintage Pattern Files 

( Edit: Since making this cape I've had lots of requests to make more - however the pattern is not one I created so I asked the lovely Jeanne of Sew Vera Venus  if I could use it to make some to sell on and she has very kindly given me permission. A very charming and talented lady - I do urge you to check out her site. Contact me if you would like a cape in one of my vintage fabric! )

NOT SHOWN: With it I had a vintage leather handbag and green suede 40s style shoes - the latter came from Hotter shoes who surprisingly do some lovely comfortable styles that work really well with a vintage look!
The outfit was finished with a red hat I commisioned from the talented Sophie at Imogen's Imagination 

( photos courtesy of my lovely friend Sheila of Sheuniquevintage )